IFSC Climbing World Championships - Arco (ITA) 2011


15/24 JULY 2011
Organisation: FASI - ARCO2011 Committee
website: www.arco2011.it
e-mail: director@arco2011.it - office@arco2011.it
Partecipation /Team Quotas
5 female and 5 male competitors for each country + the reigning Continental and
World Champions ( Qinghai 2009) + the reigning Junior and Youth A World and
Continental Champions, who fulfill the age requirement according with art. 8.1.3.
REGISTRATION: please use on line registration www.ifsc-climbing.org/egroupware
and send also a copy to: office@arco2011.it
The Team Officials must also be registered, please send a list to office@arco2011.it
Attention: each team will have maximum 5 passes for Team Officials- the passes will
be transferable between different Officials, but these Officials must be named in
Each team will be allowed to register:
up to 3 Team Managers - 1 pass
up to 6 Medicals - 2 passes
up to 6 Coaches - 2 passes
Please include also the cell phone number of the Team Manager – this is very
important so the organisers can let you know about any important changes.
Very Important: those competitors whose Federation has not applied for a 2011
International Licence will not allowed to compete.
DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: 12.00 p.m. GMT, 15th of May 2011PRIZES:
According to the IFSC Standard ( Lead, Boulder, Speed and Overall)
a special prize of € 500,00 will be paid if a new World Record in Speed and Team
Speed is declared by the IFSC
Duel Competition prizes are the following:
1st € 2.600,00/2nd 1.600,00/3rd € 900,00/4th € 600,00/ 5th 500,00/ 6th 400,00/
7th € 300,00/ 8th € 200,00/ from 9th to 16th € 100,00.
Duel competition will be reserved to the first athletes ( 16 male+16 female) in lead
Attention: Please be aware that under Italian law it is no longer possible to pay
any prize money in cash. The Organising Committee can only pay by bank
Please bring with you IBAN Code ( or equivalent) and BIC ( or SWIFT ) code
and passport.
Participants from some countries are requested to obtain a visa to enter Italy :
FASI will issue an invitation letter for the visa application upon the NF request to
Please send the request not later than 30th of April to allow for processing time.